Embroidery is always on and always green! We are Rockin!


There is more to embroidery than just load, and press the start button From the design, to the fabric of your garment, placement, to thread types, speed and direction of sew, you can’t afford to take a chance with just anyone pressing the green start button.

At Iron Kettle Embroidery, we have over 74 different KFI’s, (Key Focus Indicators) that we look at and monitor throughout the entire sew process to ensure that your designs are accurate, clean, crisp, and full of the detail that makes your
image shine through!

When we press the green button… You are good to go!


We are able embroider on a number of items. Some common and some pretty unique. Whatever your need give us shout and we will let you know right away. Here is a brief list of apparel and unique items, we did just this year!:

Hats, T shirts. performace gear, Hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies, jackets, blankets, handercheif, polo’s, dress shirts Work wear, towels, socks, pillow cases, sweatbands, dog collars, casual wear, Robes, chef coats, aprons, table cloths, bags, suit cases, belts, boat upholerstery, yes and even toilet paper

Your personal brand is a promise to your clients…a promise of quality, consistency. compentency and reliability

Jason Hartman

Author of “Become the Brand of Choice”